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AudioVisual Garden  Live Performance and Installation.

Soil Contacts in Radishes Garden PlanterBed
Leaf in dappled sunlight appears almost translucent and reveals a vein like pattern
CasuarinaANdLeaves copy.jpg

The AudioVisual Garden is a sound and light installation and performance setup that can work at any scale from cosy and intimate to large and spectacular.  The set up creates interactions between the energy existing in living plants and people with images and sounds in a quest to appreciate and recognise our place in nature.

Perhaps even to find glimpses of hidden forms of communications, exchange or fields of influence between plants and people. 

The CONFLUX installation installed in the upstairs foyer of the Capitol Theatre, Bendigo.

Enter a botanical world in a quest to discover hidden forms of communication or fields of influence between plants and people, ‘The Audiovisual Garden’- an installation by Paul Fletcher & Anthony Lyons at Conflux Bendigo.
A collection of 50 indoor plants, multi-channel audio and large format video projection forming our audiovisual garden. One or two plants will be wired up via sensors and signal translators to directly generate and manipulate sound and visuals according to some parameters and structures collaboratively designed with the plants  by composer Anthony Lyons and visual artist Paul Fletcher. , pre-recorded and live demonstration/performance.
The result is an installation that’s continually influenced by plants and their bio-feedback signals generating beautiful evolving patterns and shapes of light and sound.
Paul and Anthony are interested, inspired by and seek to learn from patterns and processes in nature. 
The AudioVisual Garden aims to get us all recognising and experiencing shared connections between people, plants and nature, and to do it in a fun, accessible and immersive way.


This duo’s work has been featured at the Melbourne Planetarium, the 12th Full-Dome Festival Jenna, and their audio-visual installation, Complementary Halves, was featured at the New York City Electroacoustic Festival.


Paul has fascination with nature, technology, visual and sonic artwork, which he nurtures into images, objects and artefacts, animated films, soundscapes, performances, and installations. His audiovisual works have been screened internationally from Iceland to Portugal and many other places. He is currently an Honorary Fellow at the University of Melbourne.

Anthony is a composer, producer & sound artist whose practice is an interdisciplinary one exploring the intersections of music, art, technology and environment. Anthony has performed and exhibited internationally, including the Matera Intermedia Digital Arts Festival, the Porto/Post/Doc Film & Media Festival, the Cultural Centre Barcelona, and the Melbourne Recital Centre. Anthony is also a Senior Lecturer in Music (Interactive Composition) at the University of Melbourne.


Artist talk & demonstration/ performance:

Saturday 10th September, 11am (Capital Theatre Bendigo, at the ‘AudioVisual Garden’ installation site.)

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